The Impact of the Omicron Variant on Supply Chains

In this podcast, Jeff Berman, Group News Editor for Logistics Management and the Peerless Media Supply Chain Group, interviews Spencer Shute, Principal Consultant at Proxima, for an overview of how the Omicron variant has impacted supply chain.

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The Impact of the Omicron Variant on Supply Chains
Recording Date
February 17, 2022
00:20:25 hrs/min/sec

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In this podcast,Spencer Shute, Principal Consultant at Proxima, a Chicago-based strategic team of procurement specialists with more than 25 years of consultation and supply chain experience, provided LM's Berman with an overview of how the Omicron variant has impacted supply chain operations and processes, and other topics, including: inflation and what it means for the supply chain; nearshoring; and inventory management, among other topics.

Spencer Shute is a highly qualified Procurement processional with an analytical focus. He has extensive experience in supply chain operations and sourcing within the retail and manufacturing industries as a category leader. Spencer has implemented Procurement and Supply Chain best practices throughout multiple organizations, driving process efficiencies, rate transparency and cost savings.

Spencer has previously managed a North American logistics supply chain negotiating all contracts, developing partnerships between carriers, auditing all freight payment practices/monthly accruals and implementing network optimization projects.

He consistently utilizes analytics to drive business decisions including mode selection, consolidation and management of freight term conversion projects. He has also lead supply chain procurement teams focusing on data transparency, supplier relationships and effectively managing supply chain spend.

Additionally, Spencer has experience in leading teams and initiatives in a variety of logistics categories ranging from transportation to packaging to performance management, including companies such as Wayfair, Gates Corporation and Staples

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Jeff Berman, Group News Editor
Jeff Berman is Group News Editor for万博2.0app下载,Modern Materials Handling, andSupply Chain Management Review. Jeff works and lives in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, where he covers all aspects of the supply chain, logistics, freight transportation, and materials handling sectors on a daily basis.Contact Jeff Berman

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